Pregnant Side-chick storms sugar-daddy House, Demands one room, says she can’t stay Outside Anymore (Video)

Pregnant Side chick storms sugar daddy House

A video has gone viral which shows the moment a pregnant stormed the apartment of her sugar-daddy, demands for 1 room, saying she can’t be pregnant with the man’s child and be sleeping outside.



The pregnant was met by the house wife to the sugar-daddy who insisted that she won’t open the door or share her home with the sidechick. A nosy neighbour captured the incident and posted it online.



The house wife was seen with a toddler on her back, saying that she had already warned the sidechick to leave her husband, and she’s been warning her but the sidechick kept deaf ears, till she got pregnant.



The sidechick was heard saying that she has been in Germany where the man was taking care care of her, but he was deported and she lost her apartment, and has since then being on her own with the pregnancy.



She also said that her pregnancy is getting to 8months and therefore she can’t stay outside again while rain will be beating her and her pregnancy, but the man who got her pregnant have an place she can stay.




The sidechick also said that she wouldn’t have come to the house if the man was picking his phone, adding that she knew the man was married.



The nosy neighbour was heard telling the housewife not to beat the sidechick, so as not to escalate the matter.









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