Precious Peters Leaves Friends and Family Uncomfortable After Posting on Facebook Saying ‘Death is Peaceful and the World is not for her’ (Video)

Friends Raises Alarm after Precious Peters Left Suicidal posts on FB

An young Nigerian and Akwa Ibom-based skincare therapist identified as Precious Peters, has left her friends and family worried after she left series of disturbing posts on her social media pages on Tuesday. In one of her post, she claimed that “Death is peaceful and the world is not for her”





Usually this wouldn’t mean anything, but depression is real and several people in Nigeria has died from it, thus in a bid to save her from doing something to herself, friends and well wishers who knew Precious Peters has raised an alarm as they try to reach her, and give her a reason to continue fighting and not give up.



In one of the posts she shared on her facebook page, she said;


“Very very soon. The testimony you expected will be a tribute to me from the mouths of those who truly cared. I came to this world, I sojourned but this world is actually not my place.



I have beautified myself with pain and glory in tears, but soon, I will only watch the world from a distance. I will only read from shadows…the tributes you will write to me. Death is peaceful, don’t be deceived.”




She also posted a video on her Facebook story, asking for prayers so her soul will rest in peace. In another post dated three day ago, she hinted at battling with depression.



“Once I conquer this phase of depression, trust me, an alien is created.”


In a Whatsapp status she shared on her page shortly after, it reads;


Sad to say, save the last photo of me, you might need it to post “Gone too Soon” 



Usually this would’ve been taken as a stunt to get attention, but after series of death due to depression has occurred in Nigeria in 2022, and most of them involving youths, several people have raised an alarm over the posts Precious Peters shared on her page on Tuesday afternoon




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