Post On Queen Theresa Onuorah And Her Egedege Music

Post On Queen Theresa Onuorah And Her Egedege Music on her Egedege music which was rebranded in 2021 titled: Larry Gaaga – Egedege (Music Video) [feat. Pete Edochie, Theresa Onuorah, Flavour & Phyno]



A writter with the the screename Ejimkonye Caesar Munachiso has shared an an opening peice regarding the Egedege Corooner – Theresa Onuorah. He began by writting;


“Theresa Onuorah would have been so big by now and gotten international acclaim if ndi Ukah did not regale us that her egedege music was from mami water and marin spirits hence should be canceled. I’m so happy she is getting her accolades in her lifetime.” *****


Then went futher to sahre his personal opinion on the matter saying;

Larry Gaaga Egedege Music Video feat. Pete Edochie Theresa Onuorah Flavour Phynox Chiwetalu Agu


What happened to Queen Theresa Onuorah was what majorly happened to most of her contemporaries in the music industry. Most of those old generation musicians, who were talents personified never reaped the fruit of their labour due to the happenings at the time they found themselves in the industry.



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Some of them like Theresa Onuorah were dubiously deprived of their Royalties. It was even through the help of Oliver De Couque that Theresa came to know about it and started a legal battle with her producers and music label.


Today, education and exposure brought about by modernisation have changed a lot of things. The young musicians today sing and make their money through many and different sources/platforms that weren’t in existence before.


This is why rebranding and collaboration between the old and new generation musicians as happened in the ‘Egedege Remix’ is of utmost importance and beneficial to both.


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