Popular skit maker, Flora222, Warns Ladies to Stop Allowing Celebrities to Sleep With Them First Before They’re Featured on Skit

Skitmaker Flora222

Flora222a Nigerian comedy skit maker, has warned ladies to stop making themselves available and sleeping with just to feature in their skits. Flora made the appeal in a video she shared online. In her words;




She also opened the minds of ladies to the posibility that one tiktok video doesn;t guaranteee their sucess in the industry, and if that analogy is applied, how man skit makers would that have to sleepp with just to attain fame.  




She argued that those skit makers take advantage of the girl, in a video she posted on her social media pages, gabby_tori captioned it saying;




”So they now sleep with people to put them in their TikTok video. I hope you people know that this is just Tiktok? I hope you people know that if you do one video with a known TikToker does not guarantee success for your Tiktok?



Does not guarantee that the whole world will know you or you will blow from there. Stop allowing these boys take advantage of you all in the name of I will put you in my skit and in my video.’







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