Polygamous Families Rarely Produce Undamaged Children Tolu “Toolz” Oniru-Demuren

Tolu Toolz Oniru Demuren

Nigerian media personality, Tolu “Toolz” Oniru-Demuren has stated in her own opinion that polygamous marriages rarely produce undamaged kids. Using her life as an example, toolz claimed that the reason she does the things she do is because of the polygamous family she came from and the things she experienced as a child.




The mother of two who stated this on her Instastory on Saturday August 20, said a lot of things she wants to change about herself are due to her experience as a child from a polygamous family.


“I ‘ve realised that a lot of things about me that I want to change are due to things I experienced as a child ….particularly coming from polygamous family. Polygamous families rarely produce undamaged children. (in my opinion).” 



However, the write-up by toolz raised controversies and differences in opinion, some agreed that several improperly trained children are products of polygamous marriages, while some maintained that it is the duty of the father and the mother to jointly train their kids irrespective of the type of marriage they practiced.




Some maintained that polygamy is as the result of the man’s greed and lust for other women, which becomes almost impossible for the man to control at some point in their marriage, so he opts for a second wife, knowing fully well that he’s incapable of properly training his kids his first wife.



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