Police Traffic Warden Fights Civilians in Broad Day Light (Video)

A Nigerian police traffic warden has been seen fighting some civilians while on duty, wearing his work uniform.



According to the video shared online, the police traffic warden was seen throwing punches at his opponent, while his opponent was seen doing the same.


It is unclear what caused the disagreement which broke out and escalated to the fight, but some say it was because the traffic wardens were trying extort money from the guy.



Having given the little he had on him, the traffic warden threatened to use delay tactics and hold the guy, which let to a disagreement between the two and they started fighting.




A twitter user, CROSS RIVER FUTURE GOVERNOR, @Naijiawaves, who shared the video gave it a caption which reads;


The lawless in the country and unprofessionalism of most these uniforms agencies leads to this kind of behavior, can you imagine, We should be on Netflix already











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