Police Parades Church Offering box thief, Opeyemi Olufemi, Recovers Stolen Money and Prayer Requests (Video)

Police Parades Church Offering box thief Opeyemi Olufemi

A young man whose name was given as Opeyemi Olufemi by the operatives of Osun state police who were on a stop and search duty along Igbara Odo/Akure Road, in the state.




According to the police, the suspect, Opeyemi Olufemi, was riding on a motorcycle with a school bag on his back, when he was intercepted by policemen on stop and search duties, when his bag was searched, different denominations of Naira notes amounting to NGN 620,115 were found in the bag.


Also found in the bag were papers with prayer requests and envelopes, upon preliminary interrogations, the suspect, Opeyemi Olufemi, failed not explain the source of the money nor give an accurate account of the total amount of money in the bag.



When asked to at least explain how the papers that had prayer requests written on them found its way to his bag, he later confessed to have stolen the money from a church offering vault at CAC church Ikeji, Arakeji in Osun State.






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