Police Arrest the Fled Commander of a Kidnap Group that Specialize in Targeting Ladies (Photos)

Police Arrest the Fled Commander of a Kidnap Group that Specialize in Targeting Ladies

Police in Markurdi, Benue state, have arrested the commander and kingpin of a notorious kidnapping group who have been terrorizing and kidnapping mostly women in the area.




LatestNGnews.com reported last week that their camp was raided and destroyed, 2 arrest were made, but the commander who runs the illegal operation fled the scene before he was apprehended. 



In a n update today, the police in Makurdi confirmed that the kingpin who fled before he was arrested last week, has been apprehended by the authorities. His name was given as Samuel Achoho, adding that he has confessed to the crimes and wll be prosecuted along with his partners in crime, Solomon, 25 and Achoho, 30



The property used for the kidnapping activities was also demolished by the State Government in line with the Benue State law on Cultism, Kidnapping and other related matters (2017).



The building which was they used as their den, is said to belong to late Chief Judge of Benue State, Justice Iorhemen Hwande. It is believed to be where they keep their hostages till their families secures their release.



Speaking to journalists, Achoho Samuel, who is a brother to one of the other suspects, said women are easy to kidnap because they cooperate better when attacked.



The suspect said he was a sales boy to the late CJ’s son and has stayed with the family for over 15 years in the same house he used as a kidnapping den.



He said he has been into the business for two years. The suspect said he regretted that his actions has led to the demolition of the late judge’s house.








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