Police Arrest Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, for Beating a Disabled Nigerian man, Alika Ogorchukwu, to Death in Italy

Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo

The Italian Police authority have arrest and detained one mr Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo (32), for killing a disabled Nigerian man, Alika Ogorchukwu, (39), to death on main street of Civitanova Marche, a beach town on the Adriatic Sea on Friday, July 29, 2022.



According to the video clip which has circulated across various Italian social media and news outlets, it showed the moment when mr Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, grabbed the vendor’s crutch and struck him down, on a busy beach town thoroughfare. This was filmed by onlookers who made no apparent attempt to intervene physically.


With the elections near the corner, a former premier and the head of the Left-wing Democratic Party, wrote on Twitter concerning the death of the Nigerian immigrant / street vendor saying;

The murder of #AlikaOgorchukwu leaves us dismayed. The unprecedented ferocity. Widespread indifference. There can be no justifications. Nor is silence enough. The latest outrage to #Alika would be to move on and forget.




Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo,Alika Ogorchukwu


Right-wing leader Matteo Salvini also expressed outrage over the death, saying “security has no colour” and ”needs to return to being a right”





Local media have reported that the alleged murderer became infuriated because Mr Ogorchukwu told the man’s companion she was beautiful. He reportedly said.



“Bella, can you buy some handkerchiefs or give me one euro,”



Daniel Amanza, who runs the ACSIM association for immigrants in the Marche region’s Macerata province, said, “This compliment killed him”.



After Mr Ogorchukwu made the comment, the woman’s partner allegedly grabbed Mr Ogorchukwu’s crutch and proceeded to beat him with it.




The street vendor reportedly had a crutch because he was hit by a car and his injuries made it difficult to continue working as a labourer.


The day after Mr Ogorchukwu’s death, hundreds of people marched through the streets of Civitanova Marche calling for justice. But  a statement by the Nigerian Embassy in Italy has urged Nigerians to remain calm and continue being a law abiding citizens as they gently seek for justice for Ogorchukwu Alika without bringing more problems to his widow and his kids whom he left behind.





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