Police Arrest #EndSARSMemorial Protester at Oriental Hotel (Video)

Police Arrest #EndSARSMemorial Protester at Oriental Hotel – Despite the warnings and threats by the police and other security agents, several Nigerian youths didn’t allow the oppression of the people that are supposed to protect them to keep down their voices from being heard.



The police in Oyo State and Osun State has warned citizens and visitors in their respective states not to hold, while Lagos state has filled up the Lekki toll gate with men in uniforms that are armed to the teeth.


However, it didnt stop a man who’s name is yet to be identified from taking to the street and walk with a placard with #EndSARSMemorial inscription on it.




However the man was arrested by the police in front of oriental hotel. The arrest of the yet to be identified  man sparked up feeling among the Nigerian youth who have been vocal against the police brutality and bad governance in Nigeria. Several user express their outrage on the comment section with EndSARSProtest #endsars hashtags saying; 


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This has never been about maintaining “peace and order”, it has always been about making sure people never use their voice in any way. It’s the same ideology that fuels Twitter ban.Take away their voices no matter how non violent it is 🤷🏾‍♀️#EndSARS #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSMemorial


20 – 10 – 2020 is already in our history book. We’ll never forget it. For those that gave their lives, you’ll never be forgotten.
#EndSARSMemorial #EndSARSProtest

Forever in our heart🕊Flag of Nigeria


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