Police Arrest a Kidnapper who Posed as a Nurse in a Government Hospital (Video)

Kidnapper who Posed as a Nurse in a Government Hospital Arrested

Operatives of the Nigeria police have arrested a suspected male kidnapper who posed a male nurse so as to kidnapped a patient admitted in a general hospital.




The video obtained by LatestNGnews.com shows the moment the suspect was arrested and placed on cuffs while being escorted out of the hospital, from the way he was walking, it’ll be assumed he also have cuffs on his legs.



 However, for privacy issues and security concerns, the Nigerian police didn’t public the name of the suspect.. and also the name of the hospital where the incident happened.



This made some Nigerians both in Nigeria to query the Nigerian police, they asked how did the guy got hospital uniforms, who are his accomplices and how did he plan to escape after getting their victim.




This made some netizen to suggest that the guy might have a relative who is being or was treated at the hospital, but couldn’t go home because of unpaid hospital bills.







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