Plane Flies Empty with only 2 Passengers from Lagos to London After UK Placed W/African Countries on Red List (Video)

A economy section of an undisclosed airplane has been with only 2 passengers as the London bound flight departs Lagos, Nigeria. This is coming after the United kingdom placed Nigeria and other African countries on it’s red list due to the fear of Omicron.



A video of the flight which was only boarded by 2 female passengers has caused an amusing feeling after the clip was shared online. Others called it ridiculous while others maintained its the loss of the UK government.


The 2 female passengers in the shared video which confirmed that they are the only ones in the section and also gave its entire view.



Flights from Nigeria as well as other West African countries are currently not allowed into the UK until the government gets a hang of the omicron variant of Covid, which has already claimed up to 3 lives in the UK.


With the red list in place, only British and Irish nationals or those who have resident rights in the UK are allowed in after visiting countries on the red list, provided they follow the rules and protocols given by the government.


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