Photos of Anambra Airport After First Rain Fall, Roof and Some Parts Damaged (Photos)

Photos of Anambra Airport After First Rain Fall

Some parts of the Anambra International passenger and cargo airport were left damaged after some parts of the state experienced its first rainfall in the year 2022 on Sunday, 2022.


CONTINUE READING BELOW correspondent who was around the vicinity captured from photos from the structures, including roofing sheet, ceiling, plastic and aluminum bonds, etc, were all scattered by the rain which was accompanied by a wind.


The photos since shared on several several media made the Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport look like a joke, but really if you’ve had experience with building any structure, you’d know that it is common thing.




Maintenance are done mostly to new structures that just experienced its first rain fall and string wind, so it is nothing new and out of the ordinary. 







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