Pharmacy Group Launches, a Free Health Information Platform for All Nigerians

PharmAccess Foundation, an independent pharmacy group has developed and launched, an online health information sharing platform, for all Nigerians.



According to PharmAccess, Kulawa’s primary goal is to share health related knowledge which will in turn, empower Nigerians by giving them accurate, reliable and relevant health information, so they can take better control of their health.


Njide Ndili who is the Country Director of PharmAccess Nigeria, while speaking to on Monday, said that the platform gears to meet local needs for health, healthcare and health financing information, in her words;

--CONTINUE READING BELOW-- was designed, developed, and maintained by PharmAccess Nigeria in partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Rutgers International (a Netherlands-based NGO active in sexual and reproductive health) and the Achmea Foundation (the charitable arm of the Dutch insurance group).


She continued by saying that hands and brains behind have a long term goal of helping Nigerians to gain knowledge and insights that would help them with their health and healthcare questions and improve their ability to take health-related decisions accordingly.


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