Peter Psquare Okoye Threatens to Expose the Bank that Allowed a Fraudster to Open a Bank Account with his name

Peter Okoye, one of the twin of the sensational Psquare musical duo has raised an alarm as he threatened to start calling out names of banks who have allowed fraudsters to open several banks accounts in his name, and use those accounts to scam unsuspecting individuals.




The 40-year-old singer and dancer had earlier lamented the scam done with his name when he was running Zoom Lifestyle, and warned his followers and general public not to fall for it.


Peter Okoye revealed to his fans again as he reminded them that they should be careful, as these scams have started again in this new year 2022. He threatened to sue and call out the banks for allowing unverified accounts to be opened using his name.



Posting to his IG page, Peter wrote;


“Enough is Enough!!! This is 2022. I will soon start calling some banks out! It’s either it’s an inside job or otherwise! I have a name to protect here and save some of this innocent victims! So get ready for me and my legal team!.

“How can banks allow someone to open an account in the name of PETER OKOYE PSQUARE without valid means of identification, no biometrics, no BVN, no verified address or even utility bill to correspond with the address of the account owner.


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Screenshot Shared by Peter Okoye


Now they are using my name to scam innocent people! I am Suing these Banks for damages and calling them out soon!”


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