Peter Obi, Speaks on an old Video of his, Yusuf Baba-Ahmed, who called for the Killing of LGBTQ Members (Video)

Peter Obi and his running mate Yusuf Baba Ahmed

The Labour Party 2023 presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, has spoken regarding a video interview of his running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed who opined for the killing of LGBQT persons in 2014.


Baba-Ahmed who was then a senator when the anti-gay law was passed on the the administration Goodluck Johnathan, while making his own contribution during plenary opined that such ”elements” should be killed in the society. His words then were 


”Actually such elements in the society should be killed” 


Shortly after he was announced as Peter Obi’s running mate, Nigerians from the oppsoition parties dug up the old video of Baba-Ahmed calling for the elimination of gays.


However, reacting to that statement in a recent interview with a radio station, Peter Obi was asked to react to his running mate’s comment which some people found distasteful. He said;



”2014 to today is about eight years. But that not withstanding, we all have made comments that we believe in and it is allowed. I for one is tolerant of people’s views and their lifestyle. This is me. As long as it doesn’t affect my interest.



For me, we have more critical issues to deal with Today and that is what I will be concentrating on”







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