Peter Obi is a Straight Forward and Honest man, the Kind of man Nigeria Needs — Mrs Onyemelukwe, a British Woman who Speaks Igbo Fluently (Video)

British Woman Mrs Onyemelukwe Who Speaks Igbo Fluently says She is Fully Obedient

Lady Mrs Onyemelukwe, a British woman who speaks Igbo language fluently, has shocked her audience at the rate she speaks Igbo. Her Igbo accent is so natural that several people didn’t believe her. She said that Mr Peter Obi is a straight forward a kind man, the type of man Nigeria needs.



In a brief introduction she did about herself, she said she’s Bristish, but married a to Nigerian man, from Mkpoka, Nnewiichi, Nnewi, in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra state.


During her interview, Lady Onyemelukwu urged her Igbo audience to participate fully in the forthcoming 2023 general election and make sure that Mr Peter Obi wins and becomes the next president of Nigeria.



While speaking on the former vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, Lady Onyemelukwe stressed that the PDP presidential candidate, marrying wives from several tribes of Nigeria isn’t a quality that should be used to qualify a president worthy candidate.



She said that it is in fact, a wastage of Nigerian resources, adding that several of those wives he married are not living with him, some are living in Nigeria and other countries like Dubai, and they and their kids needs money for upkeeps.


She also revealed the negative impact the increased insecurity in south-east and Nigeria as a whole are having on their businesses in Nigeria, that their kids has lost interest in the several businesses which she and her husband established in Nnewi, Onitsha, etc, due to the increased killings that has been happening in recent times.


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She added that in one of the occasion she was trying to get her son to come down to Nigeria for business, she said that her son boldly told her to sell off the business.


Speaking about the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, Lady Onyemelukwe revealed that she knows Mr Obi and his family in person, that Peter Obi is a kind, honest and straightforward man.





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