Pastor’s Wife, Sis Talitacumi, Advices Ladies to Keep Receipt of Every Penny They Lend to Their Husband

A Nigerian lawyer, Princess Kalu Jemiamah, fondly known as sister Talitacumi, who is married to a Nigerian pastor, Jemaimah Benjamin, has shared few hilarious tips to women on how to ‘successfully’ lend money to their their husbands.




According to her, keeping records of money lent to husbands will facilitate refund when the time comes. She shared the rather hilarious tips on a Facebook post, as she added few screenshot which showed the money she lent to her husband and how her husband reacted to it when she insinuated that she’ll be needing a refund. Her post at the time reads;



HOW TO BORROW YOUR HUSBAND MONEY. So Bro Leviticus is currently in the ministry field in Benin City & needed extra cash. I’m always excited to lend him money because interest dey plenty.




Sisters, These Are The Steps For Investingly Borrowing Your Husband Money;

1) Send him the money immediately he asks for it.
2) Snap the receipt of the transaction and if possible photocopy it into 10 places.
3) If you borrowed him 10k and he dash you 20k, thank him very well and then remind him that he is still owing you politely


4) Pray with his picture & appear in his dream to remind him of his debt, don’t forget to add your interest


5) When he pays you, cook better soup for him, buy foodstuffs with the money & borrow him another one





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