Pastor Shocks Church Members, Tells Them Marriage Was Not Designed To Make Them Happy

Prominent Nigerian pastor and tele-evangelist,  Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo shocked church member and viewers during one of his sessions of marriage counselling on Wednesday. 



Pastor Kingsley while speaking to the youth, he candidly disclosed his personal opinions and experiences about the subject “MARRIGE” as well as the complexities of marriage


In a video he posted on his Instagram page, the pastor explained that marriage was not made to make people happy but was designed to make people better. He said marriage is a place you go to give, not a place to go to receive.



Pastor Kingsley explained that people must take care of things making them feel unhappy and unfulfilled before getting married and not hope that getting married will solve all their problems.



It is worth mentioning that marriage is a personal journey for everyone, which affects different people in different ways. There are no handbook to it, it is a learn as you go process and always bear in mind that you’re only striving to do right by your partner.


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