Pastor Seen Preaching on the Alter While Carrying his Gun (Video)

Pastor Seen Preaching on the Alter While Carrying his Gun

A pastor has been seen preaching on a Sunday morning with while carrying his gun, in one of the Pentecostal churches in Nigeria.



The pastor who was showing his gun to the congregation, said he got the gun in 1994 (that’s 28years ago). He also stated that he is licensed by the government to carry a gun and has renewed his g#n license twice since then.



The pastor also noted that he would soon going to apply for a renewal of license when his current license expires.



In past 48hrs, there’s been several sightings of people showing their guns across several social media platforms,  like in the case of Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie who showed a video of a Pistol with a fully loaded mag, as she asked her fans how was their Sunday Service.




There was also a sighting of a lady in a White Garment Church, who was singing and dancing in the church while carrying her firearm,



All these are believed to have been the after effect of the St Francis Catholic Church, Owo massacre which happened on 5th June 2022, while Christians were worshiping at the church.








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