Pastor Says That Anybody That dies as a Football Star Shall Go to hell, Starting from Messi and Ronaldo (Video)

A Nigerian female pastor has told her concretion that anyone that dies as a football start shall go to hell. She made this disclosure while preaching sermon to the church members.



She was insinuating with confidence that starting from Messi and Ronaldo, and the rest will go to hell fire when they die because they’re international football stars.


She also warned all fathers and mothers, including single parents in her congregation if their child or heard becomes a football star, that it is an automatic certificate for hellfire.



If all she said actually applied in real life, then all the poor kids that were nobody till football came along and changed their lives, are all goin to hell.



Her congregation was seen quite like a ice and listened attentively, because they believed anything she said, no matter how ridiculous it might sound.


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