Pastor Prints his Picture on Pants and Braziers, Sells it to Female Church Members and tells them it Attracts men and Heals from women-related Problems

A self-acclaimed preacher has been called out for printing his face on female pants and Braziers, tags them as holy and anointed items and sells them to the female members of his church.




Through several social media buzz about the rather ridiculous and absurd incident, gathered that the pastor is based in Abuja. Several people couldn’t help to wonder why he didn’t make any for his male church members.


Sharing the post on Facebook, one user who goes by the screenname Mr Amadi wondered why this type of gullibility is still seen in this part of the world. In his words, he opined that society has made it look like a woman’s life revolves around the man. 


Just like the pastor who told his church members who are trying to relocate to Canada that they can’t make it Canada if they fail to make it in Nigeria first., Amadi He urged both guys and ladies to stop being so gullible in the name of faith. He wrote saying:



This “pastor” pictured below imprinted his image on pants and selling to women, according to him, the pant attracts men and heals from women-related problems.


See eeh,  The society has made it look like a woman’s life revolves around the man. This is absolutely a misnomer!
A woman has her own “life” to live that spells specified success and achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction.


Any woman who hasn’t reached this point in her life is still a baby. Grow up lady! You will see that there is more to YOUR life than the sweetest man on earth. Stop giving these conmen the opportunity to swindle you every now and then.


Stop acting desperate.
Stop falling unnecessarily under fake anointing.
Stop sleeping in prayer houses.
Stop “sleeping” in the church.


Stop acting childish when you see your “pastor” or “man of God”.
Be mature. Read your Bible, serve God the best way you understand.
Stop being a fool.


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