Pastor gives Prophecy to a woman that her son will be killed and asks her to get out

During a deliverance session in a yet to be identified church, a pastor prophesied to a woman that her son will be killed within 1 week.



The poor woman begged the pastor for an intercession, but received a shock of her life after she was shunned by the clergyman to get out of his sight.


It was gathered through the clip that went viral hours after it was posted, that the woman’s son is an armed rubber, since he’s carrying gun without being a security operative. The pastor told the woman saying;



Your son is an armed robber and he uses his gun so steals people, gives it to you and you save in your bank account, and for that reason God has decided to make him drop his weapon by eliminating him.

The woman pleaded with the pastor to cancel the prophecy and please pray for her son to repent and surrender his life to Christ while dropping his gun, but her request was turned down as she was asked to get out


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