Parents of Sylvester Oromoni asks Nigerians not to Protest as it will Cause more Problem

Parents and family of Sylvester Oromoni, the 12-year-old student of Down collage who died as a result of injuries sustained from the beating his school mates gave him for refusing to join cult, has asked Nigerians not to Protest in solidarity and for seeking justice for their son.
The family explained that they want justice for their child but not at the expense of someone else losing their life or another parent loosing his/her child. 
The family also sighted that they’re concerned that  “the owners of the school and parents of the bullies” may hijack the protest, giving their deep state of pocket and connections.
The family also sighted the risk of the protest being hijacked by hoodlums who’ll use it as an opportunity to reek havock on the streets, lifes and properties of innocent citrizens, like in the case of #EndSars Protest.
They vowed that the Oromoni family will follow the case to a logical conclusion, and justice must and will the served for their son. The family shared this announcement in a post which reads; 



Good morning, As a family, we have decided not give any directive for a protest because you know how Lagos can be (hoodlums hiding under the disguise of a protest to maim and steal)

Or the owners of the school and parents of the bullies and murders hijacking the protest to cause whatever destruction, thereby blaming the family of the deceased. But if people want to stand in solidarity with us the family, it’s fine.
WE ARE NOT GIVING A GO-AHEAD FOR A PROTEST. The OROMONI family will follow this to a logical conclusion . Thank you and God.

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