Palace of Eze VO Ahamefule Duruoha 1, traditional ruler of Oboro Amurie kingdom, Razed Down by fire

Fire have reportedly razed down the palace of Eze VO Ahamefule Duruoha 1, the traditional ruler of Oboro Amurie kingdom, in Isu Local Government Area of Imo State.


CONTINUE READING BELOW gathered according to police reports, that the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, but the monarch and his family escaped with their life.


There’s been rumours that some unknown assailants set the palace on fire, killed the monarch as well, but the palace spokesman, Ezinwa N’Isu, Chief Sixtus Nnamdi Nsorom has however urged the public to disregard unfounded rumours linking gunmen to the fire outbreak.



Maintaining that the monarch is alive and well, as he and his children escaped unhurt, he said;

The entire public is hereby urged to disregard such unfounded rumours linking unknown gunmen as Eze Ahamefule of Oboro Amurie Kingdom has no problems with anybody by whatsoever nomenclature.


“The desecration of the sacred Kingdom of peace of Uzunakpuigwe remains condemnable and abomination in the highest order. “While we thank God Almighty that no life was lost,


we will continue to dig deep to unravel the root cause of the unfortunate incident. Eze Duruoha remains a universal king loved by all and sundry.


“Hence, the rumour of unknown gunmen is hereby jettisoned as it is untrue, fake and should be seen as null and void.”


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