Ozubulu Anambra State Child Molester, Eugene Obiesie, Arrested in Orifite Anambra state, During New Yam Festival (Video)

Eugene Obiesie

A suspected child molester who has been identified as Eugene Obiesie from Egbema Ozubulu, in Ekwusigo Local government Area of Ananmbra state, has been apprehended by the local vigilante group for child molestation.




During his interrogation, the suspect who said he’s 57 years came from Egbema Ozubulu to the neighbouring town, Orifite, both under the same Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, to look for unsuspecting minors he’ll lure for his intended crime.


He said he heard that over the radio that Orifitie will be having their new yam festival of this year, so he said to himself that he knows crowd will be there at the festival, which will be a fertile ground for him to hunt and look for little girls he’ll devour. (New yam Festival is usually done at the end of August or September, and beyond), by several towns in Anambra.


He admitted to the investigators that he was romancing a small girl with his private part, but denied he didn’t know how the girl got blood stains on her body, before admitting that he’s been defiling kids for over 10years.




He also confessed that he not married at 57years and has been engaging in molesting minors for more than 10yrs, in his defense, he stated that he also engage adults, that he likes both adults and minors, as he confessed to his crimes and claiming he won’t do such again if he’s shown mercy.


He added that if he’s forgiven and set free, he’ll amend his life and look for ways to get married and stop this shameful crime he’s been committing.






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