OPM Lists Conditions for Annastasia Micheal Olamma, or any Other Beautiful Girl that Wants to Marry Kenneth Aguba (Photos)

Omega Power Ministry – OPM, has listed some criteria that Annastasia Micheal Olamma, or any other beautiful girl must follow if she wants to marry Kenneth Aguba, who’s wedding and marriage will be fully sponsored by the OPM.



This is coming after Annastasia Micheal Olamma made a public declaration that she ready to marry Kenneth Aguba, be Mrs Aguba, and nurse the man back to his sanity. OPM maintained that any beautiful lady that says she is ready to marry the actor, (Kenneth Aguba), OPM will sponsor such marriage free of charge but, with terms and conditions.


OPM in a facebook post listed 4 conditions that any girl that wants to marry him must meet, and they are;


1. You must live with him for ten years after wedding without separation or divorce. Meaning; both of you must live together for 10 years. After 10 years, you are free to either remain in marriage or divorce.


2. You shall operate a joint account for the business OPM is opening for both of you .Meaning; For any bank withdrawals, both of you must go to the bank together.



3. You must never deny him access to perform his conjugal rights after wedding.


4. A team from the church would be visiting your home once in a month to ensure that everything is going on well and peaceful.


For any lady that agrees to these conditions, send your phone number so we can commence the marriage process then, move forward.







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