OPM Debunks Allegations that they ask People to Refund Scholarship Money

There has been several allegations that Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere the founder of Omega Power Ministry – OPM demands for refunds from OPM scholarship awardees whom have benefited from serval of OPM’s study or work abroad scholarship awards.



The church through their official facebook page today made an official statement to debunk such claims to be lie and preposterous and asks the general public to ignore such claims as it is only coming from some bad seeds among the good grains.


These are the words of OPM in a press  release;



If there is any man or woman that Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere OPM used offerings and tithes to send to America, UK , Poland , Germany , Dubai, turkey, South Africa , Italy Canada etc.  And you where told to refund the money spent on you when arrive your destination. Whether you traveled for studies or for work, please indicate, and you were asked to refund the money spent on you, please indicate.


Everything was done through tithes and offering. And tithes and offerings is God’s money and God‘s money must be used for God’s people.
We need just one prove of refund? A prominent pastor went social media to tell the public that OPM normally collect refunds.  This is a man of God Apostle Chibuzor respects so much and can never mix words with him.


We in OPM Church needs one prove of refund……. If we ask for refund in the oversea trip, that means we would also ask for refund for the free hospitals and refunds for the 16 free schools. Then refunds for the 18 free estates people has been living for more than 10 years. Then refund for the local university scholarships. Refunds for the less privilege we establish business for.


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