Onlookers Rescue who Attempted to Jump off Fly-over In Lagos (Video)

Onlookers Rescue who Attempted To Jump Off Bridge In Lagos

Onlookers rescue man with smart move while attempting to jump off bridge In Lagos. The moment onlookers rescued a man who attempted to end his life by jumping from a bridge in Lagos has been shared online.





The video captured an intense moment where an individual attempted to jump off a bridge.



The disturbed man had gone to the bridge with the intention of jumping off but was intelligently distracted by the onlookers throwing stones at him from below.




While he was distracted, a rescuer rushed to grab him on the bridge, and was successfully saved from killing himself.



A similar case occurred few weeks ago but the onlookers were unable to rescue the elderly man before he made a jump into the lagoon, in the same Lagos state.




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