One of the Abuja-Kaduna Victims who spoke in new video Released by ISWAP Terrorists identified as a lawyer, Hassan Usman

Hassan Usman

One of the kidnaped Abuja-Kaduna train passengers, has been identified as a lawyer whose name is Hassan Usman. This is coming after the terrorist released a new video over the weekend, of them flogging the kidnapped passengers.



The passengers who were kidnapped in 28 March 2022, have been in the kidnappers den for 119 days, as at July 2022. Barrister Usman and some other victims who appeared on camera and spoke, lamented to the Nigerian federal government to stop failing and secure their release. 


“I am one of those involved in the train mishap. That train belonged to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Government has the responsibility to rescue us, but has failed,”


“We called on our relations who were willing to rescue us but the Nigerian government due to being insensitive to our plight did not allow our relations to rescue us


“This is why we are calling on the big nations of the world such as England, America, France and the remaining international community, the likes of Saudi Arabia, to intervene in this matter with a view to finding a solution


“Truly, these people ( terrorists), their intention was not for us to even spend one week in captivity. They wanted their demands to be met so that they release us. But Nigeria showed no concern over this matter, showing no care



“We are therefore calling on these big nations of the world, France, Saudi Arabia,England and America,the international community, ECOWAS, AU, they should please help and intervene in this matter. They should come and help us so that a solution could be reached that will enable us reunite with our families,” he added.



A facebook user, Ahmed Abdul, who is believed to know the lawyer in person, posted photos of the lawyer, as he described the fresh video as distasteful and traumatizing. His post on facebok reads;


“The latest released flogging video of the kidnaped Abuja – Kaduna train passengers by the ungodly kidnappers who are believed to be Boko Haram members is distasteful, horrendous and traumatizing,”


“No reasonable person will have a sound sleep, if watches that video, is so sad looking at how Nigerian government is dancing to the tune of this illiterate criminals.


Below are pictures of a Nigerian lawyer, named Barrister Hassan Usman he is among the kidnaped victims. Tell me, how will you feel if this is your brother, cousin or father. I pray that the government will do the needful and have them freed.



Hassan Usman






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