Olivia Popham, 21-Years-old Texas Mom of 2 Commits Suicide

Olivia Popham, 21-Years-old Texas mom of 2 Commits Suicide after she posts suicide note on Facebook after losing battle with depression before killing herself in car wreck.




According to a press release, Olivia Popham was said to be driving a 2017 Nissan Sentra and collided with 33-year-old Travis Pittman, of Winona, Minnesota, who was driving a 2012 Ford pickup. Popham’s Nissan reportedly crossed the center line and struck the pickup head-on.


The depressed mother of 2 suceeded in taking her own life at 21, as she was pronounced dead at the scene. EMS personnel transported Travis Pittman to UT Health in Athens for treatment of his injuries and the investigation is still ongoing, but there is no other information available at this time,”


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However, it was confrimed via series of media posts that Olivia Popham had reportedly been battling an intense depression and had been posting messages to Facebook in the months leading up to her death. Family and friends also said that she was having major issues with her child’s father as well as caring for her children alone.

Appleal by Olivia Popham 21 Years old Texas Mom of 2 Commits Suicide

In one message, the mother of two made a passionate appeal for her kids not to be taken away by their father as it was seen above.


“If anything ever happens to me DO NOT give my kids to their dad permanently because if while I was alive you couldn’t help take care of them then why wait till I’m gone,” she wrote.

Last message by Olivia Popham 21 Years old Texas Mom of 2 Commits Suicide

Her last message read: “Checking out, I’m sorry, but I can’t keep battling depression. To the ones that were there, I love y’all. If I do succeed at this, please make sure my kids are ok please “


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