Okada man Arrested for [email protected]£ping and Snatching Phones and Bags Belonging to his Female Passengers in Alor (Video)

Okada man Arrested for R@ping and Snatching Phones and Bags Belonging to his Passengers in Alor

A young boy who gave his name as Kosisochukwu Ibeekwe, has been arrested by the community vigilante team, after he cornered 3 young girls and disposed them for their phones and bags.



Kosisochuwku he said he is a commercial motorcyclist (popularly known a okada), confessed to the crime during interrogation. He said that he was taking the girls from Alor, to Oko, (both in Anambra state) when he cornered them and snatched their phones and begs from them.


He gave his parents names as Mrs Nwaife Ibeekwe and Late Mr Edmund Ibeekwe. He admitted to the crimes and said that he did the act at popular “Mmiri St John” 



A gun was also found in his possession, but he denied owning the gun, saying that it belonged to one of his old time passengers, a guy whom he gave his name as Ossy, saying that Ossy asked him to help keep the gun for him. He gave Ossy’s address as trader at Afor Nnobi




Kosisochukwu admitted that his wife is aware that he is keeping a gun for his friend, Ossy, in their house. 



A voice was heard in the background which is said to be that of the interrogator and one of the members of the vigilante team that investigated and caught him on Wednesday morning, saying that the suspect used the dagger in his bag to surrender and [email protected]£ped 2, out of the 3 passengers.





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