Okada Chairman in Akokwa R*pes 7-Year Old Girl More than 5 Times (Video)

A man who was identified as chairman of Akokwa Commercial Riders Association known as Okada has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 7-year old girl in the village.


The man who’s name was not given was seen wearing palm leaves across his neck which represents a sign that he committed an abomination as the custom of the land states.


The Akokwa youths who paraded the man says that the man will not be handed over the police, as they’re likely to set him free if his people manages any amount the police charges them.


The youths in an interview with LatestNGnews.com, said that the man will be handed over to the NAPTIP as his case is a case of rape, involving a minor, and an abomination in the land of Akokwa.


The chairman of Akokwa youth on that note, warned that any person caught by the youths who are currently out and ready to fight crimes and abomination in Akokwa kand will be dealt with seriously.


He warned that all smokers of crystal meth, known as mmkpuru mmiri, gay and homosexuals, thieves and armed robbers, lesbians, or young men that have intimate intimate relationship with widows should leave Akowa land.


The chairman of Akokwa youth warned that anyone caught engaging in any form of crime or abomination will have themselves to blame.


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