Oh No! Wisconsin dad, Joe Cocco, Falls from his Home Rooftop while Putting up Christmas Lights and Decorations

A 31-year-old  Wisconsin father of 2 whose name was given as Joe Cocco has reportedly fallen from the roof of his home while trying to fix Christmas lights and other decorations used in beautifying homes during Christmas holidays ahead of the Yuletideseason.


He suffered a broken neck due to injuries sustained from the fall, he was rushed to hospital where he underwent several surgerie which went successful, but the doctors revealed that he was expected to be paralyzed from the neck down.


What seemed to be a little ray of hope for the wife and 2 kids was all taken away when his conditions got worse and sadly, Joe Cocco passed on Dec 6.


A family member announced the unfortunate passing of Joe as he shared a GoFundMe page that was set up to raise money for his widow and two girls. The family member wrote saying;


“Our hearts are stricken by the immensity of grief as we have lost an incredible husband, father, brother, son, and friend,” “Our families have gained another guardian angel to watch over us during this unimaginable time.”


Cocco’s mother-in-law, Debbie Stewart, while speaking to WMBF News that Cocco was planning to surprise his daughters when he fell from the roof. She said;

Joe Cocco With his Wife Hailey
Joe Cocco With his Wife Hailey


“Hailey [his wife] was inside decorating and he was outside getting the lights up so he could surprise the girls.” The grieving family is preparing to spend their first holiday without Cocco.


Cocco leaves behind his wife Hailey, 8-year-old daughter Gentry, and a baby daughter Blair, who is just 8 weeks old.


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