Oh No! Gas explosion Destroys Harriz Gas station Army gate, Onitsha

A peaceful Sunday morning turned a scared Sunday evening as residents who are enjoying cool and nice dry and clear weather Sunday evening began to flee for their lives. It was reported that Harriz Petroleum and Gas re-filling station caught fire all in it’s path was destroyed.



Harriz Petroleum located is located along the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, adjacent to the Gate of the Nigeria Army Barracks. It was reported that the Anambra Fire service took more than 3 hours to arrive the scene and they managed to contain the explosion which caused an earth shaking noise occurred around 7:30pm.


However, LatestNGnews.com correspondent who reside at New parts, reported that no one knows what caused the fire, some say the fire which broke from the gas station actually started from the fuel station where the gas refilling plant was located.


LatestNGnews.com correspondent also gathered that a mechanic workshop which shared a common boundary with the filing stations was also consumed by the fire, about 15 vehicles which were said to belong to residents were destroyed beyond recognition.




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Some eyewitnesses who spoke to LatestNGnews.com correspondent blamed the fire outbreak at the owners of those businesses and the government offices that gave them approval. Hinting that Onitsha is a populous area and such businesses shouldn’t have been established in resident areas.


It was later gathered that the fire before it was contained, consumed 2 fuel stations and later moved to residential homes. It is till unclear the number of casualties.


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