Obi Cubana’s Wife, Ebele, Celebrates Herself and Her Son, Kosisochukwu, As They Both Mark Their Birthday Today

Obi Cubanas Wife Ebele Celebrates Herself and Her Son Kosisochukwu

Mrs Ebele Iyiebu, wife of popular Anambra buisnessman, Mr Obinna Iyiebu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, has prayed for, and wished herself and his son, Kosisocukwu, a wonderful birthday, as they both add a year to their lives today. Mrs Iyiebu took to her verified page to celebrate her son, earlier today, in a post which reads;




My Koko and I ❤️ Team mommy 💪 Celebrate with us 🙏🏽💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 It’s our birthday 🎉 🎉🎉 Allow us to pepper you guys today 😛🤣


In a more lengthy post, the mom of 4+1 praised his last born with nice words, as she revealed that she had Kosi when she thought she was don with childbearing. She wrote, while posting a stand alone photo of her son saying;


My Zane bobo!
My adorable King!
The one that is always on my side!
My birthday mate!
My #teammommy son!
My little charmer😊


You came into my life 4 years old when I thought I was done with child bearing. You filled a gap I didn’t know it existed. You are this incredible independent little person who loves to walk barefoot, do your thing and bother no one. You surprise me everyday with your imagination, charm , wit and intelligence.


You never cease to tell anyone that cares to listen that you are #teammommy😂 You’ll always say that you and mommy are “yellow “ while others are “black” so they are #teamdaddy 🤣🤣🤣




My wish for you this year is that you continue to delight in the world around you, that you continue to grow in God’s wisdom, love and stature.



You are one strong, amazing, independent child I know. May God continue to keep you in his warm embrace🙏🏽 Forever, we remain a team Nwa m!💪 Mommy LOVES you plenty, my cute kokopops ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy birthday Son!!!😍😍😍


Turning over to herself, Mrs Iyiegbu, vice president of Cubana Group, wrote a humble petition to God Almighty for the blessings and benevolence upon her, including surrounding me with beautiful friends and family. She wrote saying;

Lover of my soul!
The one that knows my in and out!
The one that loves me unconditionally…
King of my heart!
My everlasting father!
Who is there like you?!

Today, all I wanna do is praise you all day…
For all the numerous blessings you’ve given me over the years
For giving me the best family in the world
For giving me peace that surpasses human understanding
For all the battles you’ve been fighting for me
For all the numerous victories
For loving me unconditionally even when I
mess up

For being faithful even in my unfaithfulness
For bringing me out of darkness unto your marvelous light
For setting my foot upon a solid rock
For healing me steadily and giving me reasons to live
For upholding and loving my family through thick and thin
For surrounding me with beautiful friends and family

People see the glitz and glam but they don’t know see the struggles and pain
They admire the beauty but they don’t see the ugly sides
All because you took it all away and allowed my beautiful light to shine to the world

I am forever grateful to you Lord!
And on this day, I’ve made it to be all about you.

Join me to say THANK YOU to the owner of my life for deeming me worthy to celebrate yet another year!

Thank you father🙏🏽
Eku se!🙏🏽
Na go de!🙏🏽
Gracias 🙏🏽
Imela 🙏🏽
Daalu Nnam🙏🏽


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