Obi Cubana Warns The Youth Against Societal/family pressures, Says it’s The Reason Many Youths Engage in Money Rituals

Obinna Iyiegbu, Anambra born Nigerian billionaire and businessman, popularly known as Obi Cubana, has warned youths in Nigeria to be wary of societal/family pressures.



The 2021 man of the year made this advice via one of the series of his teaching which he posted on his verified IG page. He maintained that these pressures amounts to what pushes the young minds into engaging in money rituals.


In an Instagram post, Obi Cubana wrote;

“Good morning my fellow Nigerian Youths! Today let’s talk about SOCIETAL/ FAMILY PRESSURES!!!


Societal/family pressures are expectations that affect the entire community. Our youths are constantly forced to act and feel a certain way. Society enjoys dictating how our youths should behave. They feel the pressure of fitting into society’s norm.


In a world where we want everything quick quick, youths are often faced with a lot of pressure from both the society and members of their families. While family is fun, it can also be full of tensions.


The pressures placed on them to meet certain standard often lead to harmful outcomes. Do you know that a lot of youths are undergoing depression because of the pressure and stress created by society and family? Some have resorted to drug abuse and excessive use of alcohol.



Most young people had to leave school just to fend for their families.

At a young age, the families are already heaping “unrealistic “ responsibilities on them. Young girls are on the streets because they need to send money home. Girls above 30 are expected to settle down in a man’s house especially a “rich man “.


Young girls are put under pressure to have this “perfect body”. Same with the boys . Have you ever wondered who made those rules? The struggle of “fitting in” is becoming more prominent.


There’s literally pressure from every side…Pressure from work to meet a certain target especially in banking systems. Pressure from society to dress or look certain way. Pressure from school to pass all exams and get a certain grade.


Pressure from our local churches to donate for one thing or another. Pressure from friends (peer pressure) and it goes on and on… Even on social media, some are now depressed for not getting a certain amount of likes on their posts.


The strength & quality of social networks is not helping at all. What does this mean for our youths? Depression, sadness, crime , immorality etc


Let’s begin to shift our values. Let’s teach our youths to learn to accept and love themselves. Let’s teach them not to live above their earnings in a bid to belong.”



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