Obi Cubana Offers University & Masters Degree Scholarship to Ekuma Jeremiah Iziogo, The Pure Water Hawker who Showed Kindness to Prisoners in Lagos

2021 Man of the year award winner, Obinna Iyiegbu, a.k.a Obi Cubana has offered to sponsor a young pure water seller, Ekuma Jeremiah Iziogo in his university education up till his master’s degree level if he chooses.



The social who was recently invited by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA over alleged involvement with drug trades, was among the many Nigerians who were touched by the heart warming video of Jeremiah that went viral over the weekend.


Young Jeremiah was captured unaware by a photographer as she was sharing money to convicted inmates who were just sentenced by the court and were being transported to the prison. They were caught in a Lagos Traffic an Jeremiah took pity on those prisoners so he started giving them money from the little he had.


Reacting to the video, Obi Cubana during an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, he offered Jeremiah university scholarship so he can get a bachelor’s degree, and offered to also sponsor his master’s degree program even if he (Jeremiah) wants to study abroad.


Disclosing this in an Instagram live interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, Obi Cubana said: “I am offering him a lifetime opportunity, he has to go to school I think that is his ambition.



“I will see him through the university and if he wants to do Masters abroad , I will make sure he is comfortable while going to school because like I said earlier, that is the best we can do for him.


“He will do University, anything he wants and then by God’s grace I know I will still be standing by the time he is done with school, he has a place in any of my organizations at the top level and if by God’s grace he finds a higher calling, you see there is nothing tied to this, I do not expect anything in return.


”I am not giving any conditions for this but if he chooses not to go back to school we can now hear what he wants to do and then we see him through.


“The most important thing is to know that he has in me a mentor, he has in me a life guide in me. I will make it easy for him through God so I believe that God will give me health and strength.



“The guy will go to any University of his choice in good condition not just to pay school fees. He has a heart of gold. This is the kind of people we need.


“I pray that people will do eye service to get my attention, let them do this kind of thing, in doing that you don’t know when you get used to it the world becomes a better place.”


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