Obi Cubana Advices Young People on The Turbulent Journey Of An Entrepreneur

Obi Cubana

Obinna Iyiegbu, Anambra billionaire businessman popularly known as Obi Cubana, has shared another another advice with young people as he talked about the likely challenges one may face when trying to build a business.



Obi Cubana made this advice via #ObiCubanawisdomseries, which is a series of publications where he advices young people on how to better their life, and gear towards making money which will enable them have a comfortable future.



In today’s episode which is titled “The Turbulent Journey Of An Entrepreneur”, Obi Cubana narrated how a bulldozer cleared out his place of business after he had already made plans of spending the valentine with his girlfriend (now wife @lush_eby).


He also narrated how his girlfriend cried uncontrollably after the place was demolished, and they were only able to salvage very little of their belongings.



He posted on his page, saying;

Good morning my fellow Nigerian Youths! Today let’s start a series on “The Turbulent Journey Of An Entrepreneur” Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, but the tough always keep going! Remember the popular saying “nothing good comes easy……”


The challenges u face as an entrepreneur should not deter you on the path to greatness, rather it should embolden and strengthen your resolve to push even harder!



I remember vividly the fateful hot afternoon of 12th February 2006… then girlfriend @lush_eby was coming from Kano, her place of primary assignment to visit me for the valentines weekend.


Alighting from her cab at the Garden i was running then at garki area 7,(NOO Gardens, situated bw Garki hospital and UTC) a bulldozer was levelling the place due to the clampdown on “Gardens” and some recreational areas then by the fct administration restoring the abuja master plan!


Now having made arrangements and stocked up our garden then with Special Oba Palmwine, Bush meat etc for the valentines business boom, u could imagine her grief, talk more of mine!!🤣 It was a hopeless situation!!

We didn’t have time to even make arrangements to get where to pack our stuffs, but then friends came through and helped us evacuate as much as we could salvage! My girlfriend cried uncontrollably, and we grieved, but never gave up!



Imagine we had given up……!Life is all about ups and downs, but always turn your set-backs as motivation, if it were in your power!……to be continued

Obi Cubana Advices Young People on The Turbulent Journey Of An Entrepreneur
Obi Cubana Advices Young People on The Turbulent Journey Of An Entrepreneur

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