Obi Cubana advices Young Nigerians to Avoid Peer Pressure that Comes During Christmas Season

Obi Cubana Birthday

Chief Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, has advised Nigerian youths to avoid the unnecessary peer pressures they mount on themselves during the end of year. 



Obi Cubana who shared this via his FB page, in another episode of his Monday Motivation wit Obi Cubana, maintained that every good work will be rewarded in its due time, urging youths to avoid any kind of crime as a means to make quick cash.  His post at the time reads;

Dear Youth;
Today let’s talk about ‘avoiding unnecessary pressure especially this festive season “
While you deserve every good things life has to offer, you don’t have to be pressured at any point into doing things you ought not to do, especially to acquire material things!!!
The kind of things we read about, and see people do these days to make money, especially our youth!!!



How do you explain a secondary school student trying to do ritual to make money???
What’s he doing with the money at that age??
Whoever told you that nonsense works???
Like how??
See eh, an apple can NEVER fall from a palm tree 🌴


Life is a process.
Life is a journey.
You must definitely put in the hard work.
No two ways about that!
While it may happen for some at an earlier stage, it may also happen to some at later stage.
Let nothing or no-one ever pressure you to do things that will ruin your life.
Don’t also pressure yourself to do things you will regret forever!
Avoid crime at all costs!!
You do the crime, you do the time!!
While you work and pray, be focused with eyes 👀 on the ball; always!!!
He who works, wins!!!


Have an amazing December!



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