Obi Cubana Advices Nigerian Youth About Releasing Their Dreams (Video)

Anambra born Nigerian businessman, Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known known as Obi Cubana, has shared another piece of advices with this followers and Nigerian youths on the actualization of dreams.



In today’s series of Monday motivation with Obi Cubana, the business man narrated a little how he fished out the things that were lacking out in the entertainment sector in Abuja, made fixing those thing his personal goals and worked towards it.



Obi Cubana also noted that there were multiple discouragements, trials and struggles, while he began to look for investors, who share the same dreams with him.



He also urged his followers to keep on their dreams and keep pursuing it, instead of throwing in the towel and just give up, nothing that struggles and many NO’s will surelly come, but it is the duty of the dreram bearer to keep his/her dreams alive.



Posting on his verified fb page on Monday Morning, the 2021 Man of the Year ward winner said;



Good morning my fellow Nigerian youths. Let’s talk about REALISING YOUR DREAMS.
We all have dreams as human. We dream to become big..…make something out of our lives & impact our world. Personally , I love entertainment & service.




Way back when I was still in my garden business, I told my girlfriend then @lush_eby that I was going to own one of the biggest clubs in Abuja. It was just a dream to me. I had no money then & no clue of how I was going to actualize that but I didn’t let the dream die.


I started fanning it by looking for what Abuja lacked in the entertainment sector, investors and people who had the same dream as me. There were lots of denials and discouragements……trials & struggles.



There were even days when I was ready to give up on that dream & travel outside the country. But somehow, the desire to keep going was greater. It takes courage to realize your dream…..courage to believe in yourself, face your fear & take risks!!!


What about you?
What’s your dream?
Are you pursuing it or you are willing to throw in the towel?
Remember that there’s a purpose for your life.
Find it & start creating your own reality.
Be who you want to be.
Don’t give up on that dream.



Be assured that your dreams are super valid!!!💪
With hardwork, integrity, persistence & the God factor, you will get there!
Start first and God in His own time will align you with everything you need to succeed.



Nb; Thank you, H.E Mr. Peter Obi for your kind words, and for always encouraging me, always! Thank you UNIZIK Alumni for this great award last Friday







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