NUPENG Nationwide Strike Commences on December 11

NUPENG Nationwide Strike – The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has made it known that its PTD (Petroleum Tanker Drivers) would commence a nationwide strike on Monday, December 11, 2021. The Union regrets this development but stated its because of the increasingly bad state of the nation’s highways and other issues.




Tayo Aboyeji – The South-West Zonal Chairman of NUPENG, disclosed this rather unpleasing news in an interview with NAN, saying the union has lost several of their workers and not excluding properties due to bad roads, thus  that all tanker drivers from the union would withdraw their services nationwide.


“This is not the first time that we will signify our intention to go on strike but we have to call it off because it will generally affect majority of Nigerians but now our hands are tied. We are going on nationwide strike because of the deplorable and shameful state of our highways.



When a truck loads petrol in Lagos, the drivers spend five to six days to get to Abuja because of the shameful state of the roads. All calls by the executive of petroleum unions have fallen on the deaf ears of the government as the highways continue to deteriorate nationwide.


The list of the highway are endless and the tanker drivers have been going through harrowing situation while rendering selfless national service. The increase rate of fire incidences involving petroleum tankers with accompanying massive destruction of lives and properties of our members and general public is enough.


This is because of government failure to enforce installation of safety gadget on tanker. This will protect the inflammation contents of their trucks from spilling over in a situation of road accident.


We know that the present administration would not do anything until we start the nationwide strike” he said

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