Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie, Survives a Terrible Accident in Ore (Video)

Yul Edochie Survives a Terrible Accident

Ace Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has survived a terrible accident, the actor shared the video and shots from the accident site on his verified Facebook page on Saturday morning, adding that the accident happened around Ore, while he was driving from Lagos to Asaba at about 120-140km/ph




He called the Accident “The day he died”, according to him, he said he died that day and God gave him a second chance and brought him back to life, he revealed that his car summersaulted several times, he hit his head on something, and he was knocked out.


Narrating the incident, Yul aid that before he was knocked out, in split second, his whole life and everything he’s achieved in life were flashed before him. He continued by saying that he also heard a little voice that called him name and told him saying;


“Yul, it’s over for me, if there was something you wanted to do but have not done it, sorry, you can’t do it anymore”


He recounted how he’s always heard from other people’s experiences, that a person’s whole life flashes before their eyes just before they die, and that was how his whole life was compressed into one tiny thing like a sim-card and flashed before his eyes, just before it became total black-out for him.




He said he knew the car was turning but he was’t feeling anything, it was total blackness and emptiness and it felt like his spirit left his body. He added that the next time he woke up, the car had already finished summersaulting and ended up inside a gutter buy the roadside, and it was as if life just came back into his body, starting from his legs.



The front of the car was damaged, the windscreen was broken, so he climbed out from the front of the car, he recounted how the first responders who came at the accident sight didn’t see him standing next to the car, so he became afraid that it might be his spirit, which means he might be actually dead, until he broke the window of the driver side of his car, looked into the car and didn’t see his body, just before a man who saw what happened, recognized him and stopped to give him a helping hand and take him to the hospital where he got checked out.



Noting that he is a sinner at the end of the end of the day, he thanked God for giving him a second chance, making him come out of that accident with no major injuries besides bruises and scratches. He didn’t mention when the accident happened, rather he said he’ll share more of the story in due time.



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