Nnewi Youth Declares War Against Mkpurummiri (Video)

Nnewi Youth of Anambra Sate have reaffirmed their readiness in fighting and tackling the use of Meth or Methamphetamine popularly known in most south-eastern part of Nigeria as Mkpurumiri.



This was made known in a parade which was covered by LatestNGnews correspondent who visited the the Nnamdi University Teaching hospital Nnewi (NAUTH).


The parade was conducted by some of the Nnofor Kindred youths of Otolo, in Nnewi, in which it it was made known to the public that the use or sell of any illegal enhancer is prohibited.



Some of the mentioned enhancers include, Meth or Methamphetamine (Mkpurumiri), cocaine, Thailand, Codeine and tramadol.


“We have the cure for mkpurummiri, we will use strokes of cane to cure you of the addition, behave yourself to avoid embarrassment – the announcement. 


The youths made it very clear that any group or individual found in connection with the mentioned substances will be seriously dealt with using uncountable strokes of cane.


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