Nkechi Blessing and her Young Lover Caught Making out at Iyaba Ojo 50th Birthday Party (Video)

Nkechi Blessing Sunday NBS

A video of Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her younger lover locking lips at the birthday bash of Iyabo Ojo has been shared online.




Nkechi was spotted stealing all the attention with her 27-year-old lover at Iyabo Ojo’s 45th birthday party. A clip of the love birds passionately kissing has been making the rounds on social media.



In the background, people around them could be heard hailing the lovers and gushing at their love for each other. 




Later after, NBS posted on her page saying that she has made several people to believe in Love again. She also urged her fellow celebrities to go after their hearts and find love while shunning words from naysayers, her post reads;



“So far I have made a lot of people believe in love… don’t think lam posting to show off..Naa!! Listen dear CELEBRITY find love and be happy.. come down from that high horse, nothing Dey there..IRE ooooo!!!”




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