Nigerians Stranded in Dubai After they Arrived the Country and Immigration Seized their Passports Instantly (Video)

Nigerians Stranded in Dubai

Several Nigerians have been stranded in Dubai after they arrived the country and they were detained by the immigration who also seized their passports without giving them any information. Apparently this has been going on for a while after hundreds even thousands of Nigerians faced mass deportation from the UAE few weeks ago.




Many thought that the issue has been resolved till one of the affected passengers shared a video from the airport which showed many Nigerians stranded at the airport and the discrimination they’re facing. The video showed Nigerians demanding answers after their passports were seized without explanation, but the immigration officer was not giving them any information.



Others are seen sitting in an empty area as they waited to know their fate. One of those detained is heard telling an Arab man to give back her passport so she can return to Nigeria as she no longer wants to stay in the Arab country.


She shared the clip of what horrible situation on twitter, with a caption which reads;




This is the situation happening with Nigerians arriving Dubai today 31st August 2022. Detained and our passports seized. Help!


In an update, revealed that her sister later picked her up from immigration after a “tedious process” but other Nigerians who didn’t have anyone in the country were not released. it reads;


My sister had to go through immigration to get me released. It was a tedious process. Others are still there and I don’t know their status. What happens if you have no family here? Nobody knows what is going on.







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