Nigerians Face Mas Deportation from Dubai, Calls on Federal Government to Intervene (Video)

Nigerians Face Mas Deportation from Dubai

Several Nigerians Face Mas Deportation from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and they have called on the Nigerian government and the Nigerian Ambassador to Dubai, to come and intervene on their behalf. A lady who spoke in one of the videos said Nigerians are not being represented in the process. She also asked if there’s a functional embassy or active ambassador in the country.




She went on to reveal that some of those who registered for the mass deportation exercise with a valid passport, were granted a pass by Dubai authorities and now waiting for airplanes that will convey them to arrive. They also said those without a valid passports are waiting for a temporary pass from the embassy which seems not to be working.



In another video, a guy was seen lamented how they were stranded outside their home, can’t go back to Nigeria, can’t go back to their places in Dubai, he also said that the workers there at the airport/deportation camps refused to talk to them, unless they speak to the Consulate General of Nigeria in Dubai




Several netizens who saw the clip where so many Nigerians were stranded at the camps, blamed the actions of few which brought many to this harsh conditions. You can use this link to follow all the trends on twitter as they unfold







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