Nigerian Pastor Claims That Rihanna and Ladygaga are Married Lucifer (Video)

In a rather funny video that has been going viral across several social media channels, a yet to be properly identified clergywoman was seen saying that she has had direct dealing with Lucifer, the fallen angel.


According to her, Lucifer loves sex and is married to singers like Rihanna and Ladygaga


In her words;

”Let me tell you something. I have dealt with Lucifer direct. What Lucifer loves most is $*xual intercourse. Lucifer sex everyday.


Do you know that Lucifer used to do marriage with people? He married Rihanna. He married Lady Gaga” she said


Some have dismissed her claims as a mere internet memes, while some rather than dismissing her words totally, has opined that listeners and viewers should take only the meaningful part of her message and trash the rest.


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