Nigerian Mothers Stage a Sitting Protest in Front of Dowen College to Honour Late Sylvester Oromoni and Demand Justice

Some concerned mothers and various Nigerian women has staged a sitting protest in front of Dowen college, Lekki despite being sealed and swarms with heavy police presence – reports.



The protest began around 9am on Wednesday morning, morning December 8. The women all wore black dresses and scarf with the face masks as per covid rules as they raised their voices in solidarity.



They also mentioned that the protest was for the sole purpose of demanding justice for 11-year-old student of the school, Sylvester Oromoni.



This coming just 1 week after the Oromoni family urged Nigerians not to stage any protest, citing that it might be hijacked, and they might risk any chance of getting legal justice for their son who died on Tuesday, November 30,



It was reported by that young Sylvester died from injuries he sustained after he was allegedly attacked by his schoolmates in the dormitory.


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