Nigerian Man Raises Alarm to the new Money Doubling Scam, Warns Public and POS Operators (Video)

Nigerian Man Raises Alarm to the new Money Doubling Scam

A Nigerian man has raised an alarm to the embers of the public of a method employed by dishonest people to defraud others. He also issued a stern warning to POS operators to be on the lookout of this new money doubling scam




The man explained that fraudsters now pay people incomplete money while deceiving them into believing the money is complete when they count it.



In the video obtained by the man used a wrap of of ₦1,000 Naira notes as an example, he counted the money and it was ₦18,000 Naira on one end. When he turned the cash over and counted from the other end, it was only ₦9,000.



He then separated the cash to show that torn notes were attached midway so that the money appeared to be more when counting from one side.




He advised people to always turn their money over after counting to confirm that it is indeed complete. Watch the video below.








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